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My Immense Love for Business

By: Amna Aldoukhi

After high school, we are left with a plethora of options regarding our career. Making the right choice is always a difficult task. However, when we are passionate about a certain thing, then choosing the right career option becomes easier. We already become aware of what to choose as we remain aware of what we are going to do in the future. Nothing in this life comes easily. Hard work, dedication along with determination help us all achieve success in the long run. What we need the most is to gain a vast knowledge. The knowledge that we gain, will surely help us grab the golden opportunities and will give us immense success.

I had immense love for business. I had always been eager to learn more about things related to business. After high school, I decided to get my degree at Skyline University College, one of the accredited universities in UAE. To learn as much as possible was my major objective. I had always wanted to dive deeper into the ocean of knowledge in order to extract the pearls of wisdom. There was the spirit of enquiry and yearning for knowledge that helped me learn more. I already had my choice before I could even finish my high school. I was already determined to study BBA in Sharjah. I could not think of any other option other than business because it has always been my interest. I have always found happiness in learning new things in business.

Furthermore, I wish to succeed in establishing a business of my own by studying in one of top universities in UAE and become a business woman in the future. Learning business will definitely enrich my knowledge which will in a way or another help me in my future goals. Hard work is definitely required for establishing a business. I have chosen my course and I am working hard in order to fulfill my dreams anticipating my hard work to be paid off at the right time. 

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