Information Technology vs. Information Systems

Most people consider IS and IT to be almost the same, but the truth, information is like a universal set while information technology is a subset of the universal set. So people confusing them for each other could cause a chaos for those interested in having a career in technology-related path. It is true that the two courses involve the use of a c...
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Tips to Handle Exam Stress

SUC Student :  Adnan It's that time of the semester again! Exams are looming over your head and you're not sure whether you can cope with the pressure. So sit back, relax and take 10 minutes out of your social media-dominated life to read this article. 1 . Try to Avoid Social Media: This will be a tough one for most of you as you can barely go...
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Skyline Fall Semester 2017 in a Nutshell

By: Khashaf & Seema Bloggers ​ The fall semester of 2017 has been an eventful semester with many fun-filled functions and activities held at Skyline University College, one of the accredited universities in UAE that offers degree courses in Sharjah. 1. World Teacher's Day: Skyline' Events Committee hosted a fun celebration on the 5th of October...
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My Experience at Skyline University College, Sharjah

By: Rhea Sarah Ajit  "The most beautiful things in life are not things. They're people, places, memories and pictures. They're feelings and moments, smiles and laughter!" After much speculation, brooding and anticipation, I decided to register in one of the CTH courses at Skyline University College, one of the best universities in UAE. I joine...
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My Passion for Sports

By: Abdulla Khan I love playing sports. It's always been something I've really enjoyed. Initially I started playing cricket. I kept getting better with time. Playing sports is always fun. Cricket is my favorite sports. I have played really good cricket over the years and also with professionals. I have gone abroad to several tours as well, which we...
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What College Has Taught Me on my First Year at Skyline

By  Kashaf Shahzad, Seema Bashir and Abida Rahman ​ New year, new friends, new life, we just need to take things well, one day at a time and enjoy this enlightening journey. We have enrolled at Skyline University College, a university in Sharjah and one of the accredited universities in UAE, to emerge as better individuals to stand on our own ...
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Welcome to SUC blog

With SUC Blog, you can be assured of quality blogging with the following features: ​ Blog now, post later You can compose a blog now, suffer temporal writer's block, save and write again, later. ​ Social media sharing Automatically post into your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn whenever you create new blog entries. ​ Blog rating Users can show inten...
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