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Degree and Future Plan

By: Jureti Remila

Nowadays, the main objective of a person who is going to college is to find a suitable job in the future. College degree is the first step towards achieving one`s dream. Additionally, college can give you a more proper and professional study on certain things. What one needs to do is to choose a correct major that can help him or her reach the future career plan and make some achievements. But to be more specific, how can education help us reach our future career plans and how does it help us achieve our personal goals?

First of all, my major is international business, one of the BBA courses in Sharjah based university. I am currently studying at Skyline University College, one of accredited universities in UAE. The reason I chose this major is because of what I grew up with watching my family do business. When I was 12 years old, my dad had just made the first major achievement in his business in which he started with nothing from the ground up. Since this remarkable success of my father, I have already made up my mind to help his business grow and thrive in the future. As a result, I chose a business major as the first step to fit in this plan. In UAE alone, universities have many courses which are related to business such as BBA finance, accounting, business communication, public administration and many more.

Undoubtedly, a college degree gives a paramount contribution for the student to fulfill his or her dream, but more importantly a college degree is to get the necessary critical and professional skills to reach the desired jobs and personal goals. 

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