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My Experience at Skyline University College, Sharjah

By: Rhea Sarah Ajit 

"The most beautiful things in life are not things. They're people, places, memories and pictures. They're feelings and moments, smiles and laughter!"

After much speculation, brooding and anticipation, I decided to register in one of the CTH courses at Skyline University College, one of the best universities in UAE. I joined the course just after completing my IGCSE board exam. It is my extreme pleasure to share my experience with others.

As I entered the university, an array of questions popped up in my mind. Will it be easy to make new friends? How will the whole new experience be at the university? How will the lecturers be? I was sure I won't get any immediate answers to my questions.

On the day of orientation, I met for the first time the group of people who were super cool and awesome. It took me just a few minutes to converse with them and I found them to be a few people who could be made quality friends for life.

It came to my mind that finally the doors were open to a range of opportunities. From the very first day, I was determined to make myself get motivated and listening to each and every word of my professors. I walked into the class room with personal courage and confidence. Moreover, I was prepared to face new challenges in life.

After receiving the information about CTH Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management, from the Centre of Continuing Learning (CCL) Assistant, Mr. Roel Pulangco, I was still wondering whether my time spent at the university be worth it and interesting for me. The fantastic moment was when we had the university tour. We were received by Assistant Professor, Dr. Ajith Kumar, who gave us mini lectures about the course as well as the time table. After I met Dr. Ajith, I felt I could meet other lecturers, who will also extend a warm welcome to us. The next session was covered by Associate Professor, Dr. Mohit Vij, who informed us about the course and motivated us to do our best throughout the course. At last, I had to admit that my days will be built around people who try their best to make university life better for people around them.

The greatest challenge I experienced was when I had to present the project work set by Dr. Mohit. I spent much time in preparing the PowerPoint presentation. However, when the time has come to present in the class, I felt as though every bit of courage and confidence were oozing out of me. My face reflected the anxiety and fear I was experiencing. Thanks to the words of encouragement extended from Dr. Mohit as well as my sincere friends. I am sure it was their timely help that made me present my project in the best way I can.

There were compulsory workshops, seminars and interesting events which turned out to be very informative. I am well aware that I had taken the right decision to join Skyline University to do my course. I realized that university is not about just academics, it will also teach us many lessons to prepare for our future. I totally agree that there are many who make us feel that we are valuable. The significant experiences I had with my professors and fellow students are worth to be mentioned. The professors at the university are knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about what they are teaching.

To sum up, my experiences at the university was like exploring a new world, new people, and new knowledge. Above all, the inspiration and motivation I received were priceless. 

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