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My Passion for Sports

By: Abdulla Khan

I love playing sports. It's always been something I've really enjoyed. Initially I started playing cricket. I kept getting better with time. Playing sports is always fun. Cricket is my favorite sports. I have played really good cricket over the years and also with professionals. I have gone abroad to several tours as well, which were a great learning experience. I feel playing sports brings out the good in me and releases tension. People often like stuff which they're good at. Luckily for me, I happen to be good in multiple sports which I absolutely enjoy. I'd rather play a game of badminton for an hour than go to the gym and lift weights.

Another advantage of playing sports is that you get to socialize with people. Playing sports is quite challenging. It's good for the health and improves your overall well-being. Table tennis is also something which I happen to be good at and love playing. Table tennis is a fun indoor activity, which can be really tough and challenging if played right.

But going back to cricket, I can't forget the time when I had gone to Delhi to play cricket and got the opportunity to play with one of the best in the world Virat Kohli, who also happens to be the Indian cricket team captain at the very moment in all formats of the game. Being good in sports has always helped me in life in various ways.

Today as a result of doing well in sports consistently, I was awarded with a scholarship for BBA Finance in my university, Skyline University College, educational institutes in Sharjah. Our passion for the game helped us won five consecutive cricket tournaments which is remarkable achievement for my university. Apart from cricket, I also represent my university team for table tennis and badminton as well.

My life is incomplete without sports. It is a hobby and at the same time my passion. It's something which I am used to and most enjoy doing. I love challenges and participating in tournaments. It builds my confidence and my ability to make quick decisions at the right time. Recently, I participated in an indoor cricket tournament, it was a good tournament with many tough sides. Having the experience and great players by my side led my team to victory and it was a great feeling. I hope to always be physically fit in order to be able to participate in sports especially cricket while representing Skyline, one of top universities in UAE.

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