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What College Has Taught Me on my First Year at Skyline

What College Has Taught Me on my First Year at Skyline

By Kashaf Shahzad, Seema Bashir and Abida Rahman

New year, new friends, new life, we just need to take things well, one day at a time and enjoy this enlightening journey.

We have enrolled at Skyline University College, a university in Sharjah and one of the accredited universities in UAE, to emerge as better individuals to stand on our own feet individually, but apart from the studies, there are various life lessons to be learned too, and what better place than the college itself?

"I stand here observing how far I have come, transforming into a girl who's confident enough to face all her fears.

Eight months ago, I arrived in UAE and the pressure of a new place was all on me. Hands started to tremble as soon as the thoughts of joining my new university poured in my head. The feeling is almost like when you're about to take a huge exam; you know you have to face it no matter what. My anxiety grew and so did my trembling. The day I walked in Skyline University College, I just kept telling myself to believe in myself.

The battle of confidence is an experience every university student face. I always questioned myself why I was lacking of it even though I had experienced university life back in my country. The answer came late but I realized, I hated changes. I was running away from change and life had totally other plans for me.

Growing from being a person who's scared of failing to becoming a social person with a large group of friends now, a self-satisfied and happy soul has grown within me when I moved to UAE and become a university student of Skyline, one of the best universities in UAE located in University City, Sharjah. Over time I realized that I have overcome my anti-social self without even realizing I am already making friends with a lot of people. Eventually, I have conquered my fears like stage freight that giving presentations and being part of events have become a normal, fun thing for me.

What is confidence? It is not being able to present in front of your class without jittering. Rather it is the motivation from within that pushes you to face your fears. That brings you to experience a life with all the new fruits to taste. Being able to fly high and look down from where you came."

-Kashaf Shahzad, BBA in Marketing and Retail Management

"Despite it being just my first year in the university, I've noticed drastic changes in myself and I'm happy to say, that I'm loving it. On my first day at Skyline University College, the feeling of being in a completely new place where you must make friends again was worrying when you aren't much of a talkative person.

Walking into my classroom on the first day, looking at the people already present in the class, I immediately reached out to the girls and started talking amongst each other. We got to know each other with the basic information such as name, age, nationality and the school we came from. By the end of the day, I was sure this set of people were going to be my best friends. I believe having a great friends circle in university can have a huge impact on your university life. Luckily enough, it turned out that we had the same opinions and liked the same things. On days when I don't want to attend classes or on the verge of a breakdown because of stress, I desperately need to vent and I'm glad to have people who come to come to my rescue. I'm so thankful for the circle of friends I've made over this past year, without them, surviving each day would not be possible."

-Seema Bashir, BBA in Travel and Tourism Management

"I think one of the most difficult parts of leaving high school was leaving behind the people I shared almost 14 years with and making new friends over again. Only this time, in the university. As much as exciting it is to make new peers, it's also frightening because I don't have clues of what kind of prejudices they hold. Luckily for me on the very first day, I made friends whom I can see being friends with even after 10 years. Here at Skyline, the most important thing I have learned during my first year was the true meaning of tolerance. It is not just about having similar thoughts but also respecting other's perception and insight. It was just a matter of time for me, whatever caused annoyance at first, has now taught me to understand and deal with situations. My advice to freshmen students, anyone can find the dirt in someone, be the one that finds gold."

-Abida Rahman, BBA in Travel and Tourism Management

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