Executive Council



The Executive Council is headed by the Chair of Executive Council who is the representative of the Governing Board appointed by the Board of Governors and who oversees the overall functioning of the University College and provides guidelines on the strategic directions of the governing board members and Founder President to the Chair and Vice Chair of AAC. COEC is also assisted by the external advisory council to help him take decisions on the expansion of SUC as a national and internationally recognized institution. 


  1. To ensure the achievement of Vision and Mission of the Institution under the Strategic Direction of the BOG.
  2. To review and approve organizational development strategies.
  3. To appoint and remove members of various committees as per the organization structure.
  4. To report progress of the University to the Board
  5. To review institutional planning and closing.
  6. To review and approve new policies and existing policy changes.
  7. To review the institutional effectiveness System and take decisions.
  8. To evaluate the Committee Chairs and AAC members.


Mr. Nitin Anand Chair of the Executive Council
Dr. Mohammad Hasan Saleh Inairat Dean and Chair of Academic Affairs Council
Dr. Osama Thawabeh Director-Student Services Affairs

Main campus

Nigeria office

Kano Office

Kazakhstan Office

Morocco office

Kyrgyzstan office