Database systems : a practical approach to design, implementation, and management - 17757

Foundation: Prologue to Databases; Database Condition; Database Models and the Internet. The Social Model and Dialects: The Social model; Social Polynomial math and Social Analytics; SQL: Information Control; SQL: Information Definition; Inquiry By-Precedent (QBE). Database Investigation and Plan: Database Framework Lifecycle; Database Examination and the DreamHome Contextual investigation; Entity– Relationship Demonstrating; Upgraded Entity– Relationship Displaying; Standardization; Propelled Standardization. Technique: Procedure—Calculated Database Plan; Strategy—Consistent Database Structure for Social Model; Approach—Physical Database Plan for Social Databases; Philosophy—Observing and Tuning the Operational Framework. Chosen Database Issues: Security and Organization; Proficient, Lawful, and Moral Issues; Exchange Administration; Inquiry Handling. Disseminated DBMSs and Replication: Appropriated DBMSs—Ideas and Configuration; Circulated DBMSs—Propelled Ideas; Replication and Portable Databases. Protest DBMSs: Question Situated DBMSs—Ideas and Configuration; Question Arranged DBMSs—Gauges and Dialects; Protest Social DBMSs. Web and DBMSs: Web Innovation and DBMSs; Semistructured Information and XML. Business Insight Advancements: Information Warehousing Ideas; Information Warehousing Plan; OLAP; Information Mining. Indeces: Clients' Necessities Determination for DreamHome Contextual investigation; Other Contextual investigations; Elective Information Displaying Documentations; Rundown of the Database Structure Strategy for Social Databases; Prologue to Pyrrho—A Liteweight RDBMS. Web Supplements: Document Association and Capacity Structures; When Is a DBMS Social?; Business DBMSs: Access and Prophet; Automatic SQL; Evaluating Plate Space Prerequisites; Prologue to Question Introduction; Precedent Web Contents.

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SUBJECT: Database management.
TITLE OF THE BOOK: Database systems : a practical approach to design, implementation, and management
AUTHOR: Connolly, Thomas M.
YEAR: 2015
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EDITION: Sixth edition
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