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Dr. Kakul Agha, PhD, Aligarh Muslim University, India, MBA, PG in Higher Education Professional Practice, Coventry University, UK, and carries 19 years teaching, dissertation and PhD supervision experience in UAE, Oman and India. She is presently an Assistant Professor, Skyline University College, Sharjah. Previously she was the Head, Postgraduate Department, Middle East College, and a Faculty at Sultan Qaboos University, Sultanate of Oman. She has published book-chapters and research in Work-life-balance and education domains.


The Centre for Economic and Leadership Development, an NGO in consultative status with UN Economic and Social Council at SAMEAWS 2016 (South America-Africa-Middle East-Asia Women Summit), Shangri-La Hotel Dubai, presented Dr Kakul with the "CELD Global Inspirational Women Leadership Award 2016" and inducted her into the "Global Women Leaders Hall of Fame". The Award Presentation was by HH Sheikh Juma al Maktoum. She also won the Best Teacher Award at Skyline University during 2016-17.


Dr. Agha, is a Fellow, Higher Education Academy, UK since 2010 & is currently the Coordinator, Teaching Effectiveness Committee, SUC. She has headed the Linking MED-GULF, Erasmus-Mundus Project, Sultanate of Oman in collaboration with University of Barcelona during 2011. Dr. Agha is a reviewer of international journals, conducts workshops on diverse topics, like career path, progressive teaching, differential learning etc. to teachers and students and is an avid writer. She is a Toastmaster, has attended several panel discussions and published in magazines too.

Recent Scholarly Work

Title Created Date Hits
Kolachi, Nadir & Agha, Kakul (2018) Flying between Two Giants: A Case of Air Arabia, Reference no. 318-0286-1 (CASE) 19 March 2019 1
Moving to Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship 12 December 2018 100
An Emperical study focusing on Higher Education Teachers in Oman   08 January 2017 612
Agha, K. (2007). Key Performance Indicators: A successful tool for Performance Management 02 November 2016 518
Agha, K. (2010). Professional Development of Teachers in Higher Education Institutions in Oman 02 November 2016 616
Agha, K. (2011). Branding in Gloablised Era: Innovative Strategies for Omani Brand Owners. In The 21st Century Consumers: A Behavioural Perspective (pp. 157-167). Bengaluru: Global Vision Publishing House.   02 November 2016 562
Agha, K. (2011). ICT Interventions and Workforce Flexitime: An exploratory study at MECIT, Oman. International Conference on Applied Information Communications Technology (pp. 57-62). Muscat: Allied Publishers. ISBN:978-81-8424-738-1.   02 November 2016 530
Agha, K. (2013). Supporting Work life Balance for Enhanced Job Satisfaction: Strategies for Organisations. In Connoisseur Strategies for Global Business Management Trends and Techniques (pp. 61-64). Bengaluru: Archers and Elevators Publishing House.   02 November 2016 579
Khan, S., & Agha, K. (2013). Dynamics of Work life Balance at the Firm Level: Issues and Challenges. International Journal of Management Policy and Practice, 14(4), 103-114.   02 November 2016 655
Agha, K., Gopakumar, K., & Poojary, N. (2014). Strategies of providing feedback on student work: Enhancing students experience at Middle East College, Sultanate of Oman. International Journal of Education and Research, 2(6), 229-242.   02 November 2016 474

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