Dr. Karamath Ateeq

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Educational Background:

  • D. (Computer Science and Engineering) Bharathidasan University, India,2018
  • E (Master of Engineering, Engineering in Applied Electronics and Computers) , Madras University, India, 2002
  • E (Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering), Madras University, India, 1992

Work Experience:

  • Senior Lecturer, University of Jazeera(Dubai U.A.E), 2017
  • Deputy Program Manager and Program Coordinator, Al Khawarizmi International College-AbuDhabi UAE, 2006-2016
  • Senior Faculty, Stanford Training institute AbuDhabi UAE, 2003-06
  • Senior Faculty –ECE DEPT, RVR and JC college of Engineering, 2002-2003
  • Senior Faculty and Coordinator for Foreign students, Hindustan College of Engineering, India, 1995-2002
  • Faculty and Project Coordinator, GCI Institutions Chennai ,India, 1994-2005
  • Design Engineer, Shah Electronic Components PVT LTD, India, 1992-94
  • Design and Testing Trainee Engineer, Defense Research and Development (DRDO), India, 1991-92
  • Publications

    •  Gaytan,J., Karamath Ateeq, K., et all,(2022). AI-Based Prediction of Capital Structure: Performance Comparison of ANN SVM and LR Models, Hindawi-Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience.
    • Ateeq, K., et all,(2022). “B -LSTM-NB based Composite Sequence learning Model For Detecting Fraudulent Financial Activities “. Malaysian Journal of Computer Science.
    • PATENT APPROVED.(2022). Application No. is   202121046052.  Title of the invention:  A DISEASED PERSON IDENTIFICATION AND TRACKING SYSTEM BASED ON BLOCK CHAIN AND IOT.
    • Ateeq, K., et all.(2021).“IoMT Cloud-Based Intelligent Prediction of Breast Cancer Stages Empowered With Deep Learning”. IEEE Access -Open Access Journal, Volume 9, ISSN: 2415-6698 ,pages 146478-146491.DOI: 10.1109
    • Ateeq, K., Mago, B. & Pradhan, M.R.(2021) “A novel flexible data analytics model for leveraging the efficiency of smart education.” Soft Computing .
    • Nidhi Oswal,Karamath Ateeq and Saju Mathew.(2021).” Trends in Recruitment Information and Communication System using Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0”. DOI: 10.5220/0010503201110118
    • PATENT APPROVED : Application No. is Title of the invention: portable Apartaus for Underground Cable Fault Detection
    • Mathew,S.,Oswal,N.,Ateeq,K.,(2021). Artificial Intelligence (AI): Bringing a New Revolution in Human Resource Management (HRM). Grenze International Journal of Engineering and Technology.Grenze ID: 01.GIJET.7.1.512 © Grenze Scientific Society,Paper ID: AET 2020-512F ISSN:2395-5295(Online); 2395-5287(Print). Page(s) : 211-218.
    • Karamath Ateeq, Manas Ranjan Pradhan and Beenu Mago.(2020). “Elasticity Based Med-Cloud Recommendation System for Diabetic Prediction in Cloud Computing Environment”, Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems, Journal Vol. 5, No. 6, 1618-1633, ISSN: 2415-6698
    • Karamath,A.& Yamini, P.(2020).”Monitoring and Evaluation of Smart Heart Rate Sensing Technology”. International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering &technology,11(8),310-318.
    • Beenu,M.Manas,R.Karamath,(2020).A .Machine Learning Based Prediction of Consumer Intention to Buy E-Grocery in UAE. International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering &technology.
    • Karamath,A.,Manas.R.,Beenu,M.,&Taher.(2020). “Encryption as a Service” for Multi- Cloud Environment. International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering &technology.
    • Karamath,A.& Yamini, P.(2019).An Effective Reliability Driven Methodology for Enhancing Healthcare Quality Metric.IEEE Explore-proceedings of International Conference on Digitization,Sharjah.
    • Ateeq,K., Ganapathy.(2018).G. A Novel Hybrid Classification (NHC) Algorithm for diabetes classification. 7th International Research Symposium Dubai.
    • Ateeq,K., Ganapathy.(2017).”The novel hybrid Modified Particle Swarm Optimization –Neural Network (MPSO-NN) Algorithm for classifying the Diabetes.International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research.
    • Ateeq,K., Ganapathy,G.(2017).”A Hybrid Genetic-Relative Reduct Algorithm for Pre-Processing the Diabetic Dataset”. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science.
    • Ateeq,K., Ganapathy,G. .(2016).”Techniques and Challenges in Medical Cloud for Diabetic Prediction–A Survey”. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Computational and Applied Sciences.

  • Conferences

    • International Conference on Cyber Security, Privacy and Networking,(ICSPN-2022), Thailand, (Participant), 9th-11th September 2022
    • International Conference on Cyber Resilience ( ICCR-2022), (Participant), Dubai UAE, October 6-7th, 2022
    • International Conference on Business Analytics For Technology and Security (ICBATS-2022), (Participant), 16th-February 2022
    • 3rd International Conference on Finance, Economics, Management and IT Business (2021),Poland, (Participant),21st-22nd January 2021
    • 1st International Conference on Digitization (ICD-2019), Sharjah , UAE, (Participant), 18th-19th November 2019
    • 7th SGBED International Research Symposium , Sharjah, UAE, (Participant) 17th - 19th December 2018
    • Seminar on IEEE Signal Processing and Communication –White Space Networking, Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, 2014
    • Seminar on Technology Innovations for next generations, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2012
    • Workshop on Tactile Tasks and Technical Tips at Petroleum Institute, AbuDhabi,2006
    • Organized and Participated in Signals and Systems, Sponsored by Industry Institute Partnership, RVR and JC College of Engineering, India, 2002

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