Dr. Beenu Mago

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Dr. Beenu Mago has obtained her Ph. D. in Computer Science from Banasthali University, India.

She has 16 years of extensive work experience that includes 7 years in the corporate and 9 years in the academe. Her experience in the academia provides an opportunity for her to combine industrial knowledge with theoretical concepts. Dr. Mago is currently an external examiner and supervisor for Ph. D. program in a university in India. She has taught various courses at graduate and master’s level in Information Technology and Management. She worked in various esteemed universities in India and in the UAE. 

Her area of research is exploration of various dimensions of interdisciplinary fields like Green computing, Database, Datamining, ERP, Social CRM, e-banking and ecommerce as these disciplines can’t be isolated from IT for their survival. She has actively participated and presented papers in various international conferences. She chaired sessions in various conferences. She has published research papers in international journals and a reviewer of one of the international journals.

  • Publications

    • Mago & Al Gindy (2018),”Analysis of Determinants of Academic Integrity Violations Using Statistical Package for Social Sciences and Analysis of Moment Structure”, International Journal of Advanced Research, 6(5),Journal DOI: 10.21474/IJAR01 THOMSON REUTERS Researcher ID: M-6054-2017.


    • Mago (2017),”Green Information Technology metrics for sustainability”, International Journal of Information Technology and Management Information System, 8(2).


    • Alkhatib & Mago (2017),”iLearning Management: An innovative approach to e-learning”, International Journal of Information Technology and Management Information System , 8(2).


    • Mago (2016), "Empirical Testing of Green Information Technology Model in UAE", International Journal of Information Technology and Management Information System,7(2)


    • Mago & Habib Khan (2014),” “A Study on Green Computing Behavior With Probable Suggestion for Comfortable Adoption in UAE”, International Journal of Information Technology and Management Information System, 5(3)


    • Mago & Trivedi (2014), “Evidence of Customers’ Perceptions Toward the usage of Social Networking Sites as E-Business mechanism in UAE”, European Scientific Journal


    • Trivedi & Mago (2013), “An Empirical Analysis of Factors Affecting The Adoption Of E-Payment System From Firm’s Perspective In UAE”, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology,
  • Conferences

    • Mago (2018) Paper presented on topic titled ”Data Analytics and Auditing using SPSS.” In 2018 International conference on Computer Auditing organized at Al Dar University College on 17th Mar-18th Mar 2018.
    • Mago (2017) Paper Presented on topic titled " A Study on Dimensions of Green Information Technology Adoption Model in context of U.A.E." in 17th International Conference on Technology and Management, organized at College of Fashion Design,

    Dubai, 10-12 April 2017


    • Mago (2016) Paper presented on topic titled " A study on investigating the factors associated with cheating: Violation of academic integrity in UAE " in International Conference on Academic Integrity | Middle East Chapter, organized by International Centre for Academic Integrity (Rutland Institute for Ethics, Clemson University) at University of Wollongong, Dubai, 26-28 March 2016.


    • Mago (2015) Paper Presented on topic titled "Adoption of Green Information Technology for Sustainable Development in Context of UAE" in 8th International Conference on Developments in eSystems Engineering, organized at Address Hotel by AlDar University, Dubai, 13-14 December 2015


    • Mago & Trivedi (2014) Paper Presented on topic titled “Study on use of Social Media as E-Business tool to develop Customer Relationship by Companies in UAE” in International Conference on Technology and Business Management, organized at American university in Emirates, Dubai, 24-26 March 2014
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