Dr. Amitabh Upadhya

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Brief Profile

Dr. Upadhya has over 30 years of experience in higher education and its administration. With an extensive background of the academic industry and having earned a Ph. D. from the University of Lucknow, his area of specialization is travel and tourism management wherein his recent focus of research has been tourist destination marketing, management and governance.  Amitabh has published over 50 peer reviewed research papers, book chapters and magazine articles and sits on the editorial boards of several prestigious academic journals. He is also associated, as a visiting professor, with several institutions around the world. As an administrator Amitabh has been involved in design and development of higher educational programs and processes including skills, competencies and attitude for careers of the future, millennial student engagement and measurement of higher education program learning outcomes. He was awarded the “Academic Leadership Award” by Skyline University College in the year 2008 and the “Education Leadership Award” by the World Sustainability Congress in the year 2017.  Currently, he is Professor and Director Accreditation and Outreach at Skyline University College in the UAE.

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Recent Scholarly Work

Title Created Date Hits
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Vij, Mohit; Upadhya, Amitabh; Vij, Anu; Kumar, Manoj (2019) ‘Exploring Residents’ Perceptions of Mega Event-Dubai Expo 2020: A Pre-Event Perspective’ Sustainability, 11, 1-17 (SCOPUS) 19 March 2019 41
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Low-cost Strategy in the Air: Air Arabia- first in the Middle East- a comparative analysis, Skyline Business journal ISSN 1998- 3425, (2006)   ​ 02 September 2016 1003
Tourism Organizations: A comparative analysis of Tourism Management Organizations in the Middle East 25 July 2016 702
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Political System and Destination Management Organizations: an analysis of the symbiotic relationship 25 July 2016 562
Role of Airlines in Destination Branding: Case of Dubai vis-à-vis Emirates Airline 25 July 2016 662
Tourism Management Organization: A Comparative Analysis of Destination Management Organizations in the GCC 25 July 2016 617
Role of Destination Management Organization in Tourism Crisis Management: A Middle Eastern Perspective’,Conference proceedings of ‘International Interdisciplinary Conference on Tourism’ at Istanbul Turkey (June 2014) ISBN 978-605-4940-24-0   25 July 2016 1005

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