Dr. Bashar Yaser Almansour

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Dr. Almansour earned his PhD and Master degree in Finance from the University Utara Malaysia. His research focuses on investment and portfolio management. Almansour has published research papers in refereed journals. Almansour is also an editor at several international peer reviewed Journals. He conducted several training on Financial Accounting, Financial Analysis, Financial Markets, Stock and Bonds Valuation. Moreover, he conducted several training regarding research methodology and data analysis using SPSS.

His area of specialization are Financial Accounting, Financial Analysis, Financial Markets, Stock and Bonds Valuation, and Behavioral Finance.

  • Publications

    1. Almansour, B. Arabyat Y. (2017), The Investment Decision making among the gulf investors: Behavioral Finance Perspective. International Journal of Management Studies. Vol 24 (1).
    2. Almansour A and Almansour B (2016). Macroeconomics Variables and Saudi Equity Market: A Time Series Analysis. British Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences Vol 12 (2).
    3. Almansour B (2015). The effect of global financial crisis on stock returns in Saudi Arabia. ERPA International journal of economic and business review. Vol 3 (11).
    4. Almansour B (2015). The impact of market sentiment index on stock returns: An Empirical investigation on Kuala Lumpur stock exchange. Journal of arts, sciences and commerce. Vol VI (3)
    5. Abu Sini., A Almansour Y and Almansour B (2015). The Effect of E banking on Customer’s satisfaction in financial services: an empirical investigation on financial sector in Saudi Arabia. Journal of arts, science and commerce. Vol VI (3).
    6. Almansour Y. Alhajla A. Almansour B (2015). The Mediating Role of Customer Satisfaction in the relationship between factors influencing customer’s loyalty towards financial services in Saudi Arabia. International journal of marketing strategy operations research and organizational behavior. Vol 31 (1), 1132-1141.
    7. Almansour B. (2015). Empirical model for predicting financial failure. American journal of economics, finance and management. Vol 1 (3). 113-124.
    8. Almansour B, & Ibrahim Y (2010). Market and companies confidence Index and Their Relation to stock return in Kuala Lumpur stock exchange. International postgraduate business journal, Vol 2 (1), 61-72.

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