Dr. Paul Katuse

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Dr. Katuse holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Business Administration specifically in area of strategy among other academic qualifications from different countries. Dr. Katuse has been trained as a university faculty member in various pedagogies in the US, Ghana, Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, and India. His academic achievements and journey have been done through public educational institutions in Kenya and India.


He has close to two decades of work experience in schools of business as a faculty member, researcher, and academic administrator. He had stints as a consultant and a trainer with governmental and non-government organizations. Dr. Katuse served in several universities in India, and Eastern and Southern African regions as an external examiner and quality assurance liaison. He has supervised many graduate students, including masters, Ph.D., and DBA students, in their thesis and dissertations. He is fully trained by DIES/CREST through DAAD as a supervisor of doctoral students. He also serves as a reviewer in several refereed journals


Dr. Katuse has published in reputed peer-reviewed journals and has mentored scholars in his area of expertise.  His teaching and research interest areas are mainly in business management, strategy, change management, globalization, and organizational impact on society. He is also interested in quality assurance issues, especially in education.

  • Publications

    • Katuse, P (2020). Effects of Employee Shared Factors on the Practice of Management in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries. International Journal of Management, 11(5), 267-276.
    • Katuse, P., & Gaur, D (2020). Employee Competence on Sustainable Efficiency in the Context of the United Arab Emirates. Journal of Critical Review, 7(9), 918-925
    • Ngongo, B.P., Ochola,P., Ndegwa, J & Katuse,P. (2019). Moderating Role Of Top Executives’ Sex, Level Of Education And Knowledge On Adoption Of Mobile Health Applications By Hospitals In Kenya. Journal of Healthcare Leadership. 11, 115-126 DOI https://doi.org/10.2147/JHL.S226341
    • Butt, M., Katuse, P., & Namada, J. (2019). Porter’s Diamond Factor Conditions Determinant: Effect on Automotive Industry of Pakistan. European Journal of Business and Management & Research, 4(4), 2222-1905 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2839. (Online) DOI: 10.7176/EJBM. https://doi.org/10.24018/ejbmr.2019.4.4.78
    • Ngongo, B.P., Ochola, Ndegwa., J & Katuse.,P. (2019). Moderating role of transformational leadership styles of hospital management boards on adoption of mobile health innovations by hospitals in Kenya, International Journal Of Research in Business And Social Science, (IJRBS), 8(5), 286-294. ISSN: 2147-4478
    • Butt, M., Katuse, P., & Namada, J. (2019). Influence of Porter’s Diamond Cluster on Pakistan Automotive Industry Performance . European Journal of Business and Management, 11(19), 49-57, ISSN 2222-1905 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2839 (Online) DOI: 10.7176/EJBM
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    • Katuse, P., (2020). Customer Service Systems. In Hinson.R.E.Customer Service Management in Africa (p.45) Taylor & Francis. Oxfordshire.
    • Katuse, P., (2019). Strategy in Digital Business – The East African Perspective. In Ogechi.A. .Digital Service Delivery in Africa – A Platformisation Perspective (.60) Palgrave Macmillan. London.
    • Katuse, P., Namada, J., & Wambalaba, F. (2018). Integration of mission into assessment and assurance of learning programs. In B. Smith, Mission-Driven Approaches in Modern Business Education (p. 23). California: IGI Global
    • Namada, J., Katuse, P., & Wambalaba, F. (2018). Strategies and Effectiveness of Experiential and Service Learning towards Mission Achievement. In B. Smith, Mission-Driven Approaches in Modern Business Education (p. 17). California: IGI Global
    • Wambalaba, F., Namada, J., & Katuse, P. (2018). International Education, Diversity Exposure and Cross Cultural Engagements. In B. Smith, Mission-Driven Approaches in Modern Business Education (p. 26). California: IGI Global
    • Katuse, P., & Alzarooni, A.I. (2019). Decision-Making in the Government (The Ministry of Finance, UAE) https://www.thecasecentre.org/main/products/view?id=166016 
  • Conferences

    • Katuse, P. (2021). Faculty Development Program on Research Methodology in Commerce & Management. St. Francis College, Bengaluru, India.
    • Katuse, P. (2020). Corporate Strategies in times of change. 6th International Conference on Managing Business in the Covid-19 Era: Opportunities and Challenges. Sharjah. UAE
    • Katuse, P. (2019). Digitilisation of Business. 1st International Conference on Digitization: Sharjah, UAE.
    • Katuse, P. (2018). Trade - Not - Aid and Sustainable Development. 7th MUA International Conference on Leadership & Management: Nairobi, Kenya.
    • Katuse, P. (2017). Business Strategies for Sustainability. International Conference on Sustainable Development and Innovation in Business, Economy, Management and Technology: Prospects in Emerging Markets. Jaipur. India.
    • Katuse, P., Mutia, P.M, & K’aol, G. (2016). Strategic Influence of Leadership Church growth in kenya. 2nd Eastern Africa Management and Applied Research Conference. Nairobi: United States International University. Kenya

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