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Dr. Gouher Ahmed Prof. Gouher Ahmed; PhD, PMP (PMI) USA, has been active over 20 years in various academic, social & business settings worldwide and consulting through North America, South Asia and Middle East. He has played a critical role in helping organizations formulate winning strategies, drive many change initiatives and improve business results and has received numerous Awards and Honors.

Prof. Ahmed has accumulated over 100 publications in books, journals, book reviews, highly rated double blind reviewed conference proceedings and participated in 65 different international conferences as a Presenter and a Keynote Speaker, Organizer and Chairman of different International Conferences World-wide including in Academy of International Business Meetings USA, Society for Advancement of Management USA, American Marketing Association USA, American Academy of Financial Management USA, Society for Global Business and Economic Development USA & IIMs India, on contemporary business issues.

Prof. Ahmed research appeared in reputed journals like, International Journal of Business Excellence, Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development, and also in Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur, Business Line and other leading newspapers. His research publications are focused on international business, foreign trade, emerging markets, strategic leadership and entrepreneurship.

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Recent Scholarly Work

Title Created Date Hits
Effective Leadership Model in a Dynamic World 28 May 2017 763
Ahmed, Gouher & Kumar, M. [2017] "Managing Emerging Market Economic Development" Journal of Global Business Management, 13 (1),pp. xx-xx. (ABDC Category: 2013 Listing). 28 April 2017 584
Ahmed, Gouher; Desai, S., Gaytan, J. [2017 In Press] "Ethical Environment of Indian Business", in Paradigm Shift in Innovative Business Management, Excel Publishers, New Delhi 15 October 2016 523
Ahmed, Gouher; Othman, S., Shanmugan, J.[2016] "Ethical Crisis in Strategic Leadership" The Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning. 12(2). pp. 73-81. (ABDC Category: 2013 Listing). 15 October 2016 565
Ahmed, Gouher [with Amponsah, C., Othman, S., Harran, M.] [2016 In Press]. " In Search of Global Identity: The Challenges of Culture " The Journal of Human Resources and Adult Learning.12(2), pp. 16-28. (ABDC Category: 2013 Listing). 14 October 2016 443
Ahmed, Gouher. [2015]. “The Dynamics of Rural Marketing in Emerging Market Economy of India”. Proceedings of the 2015 Annual International Conference of the Emerging Markets Conference Board, American Marketing Association, IMT, Dubai, January 20-22,UAE. 26 September 2016 507
Ahmed, Gouher [with Amponsah, C.]. [2017 In Press]. "Factors Affecting Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies: A Case of Dubai" Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development. (ABDC Category). {Published by Inderscience}. 26 September 2016 475
Ahmed, Gouher [with Kumar A & Robinson J].[2016] "HR Practices In the new Millennium: Balance between Human Touch & Technology". Proceedings of the 14th Int'l Business Conference of SGBED, Montclair State University, NJ, USA. June 21-24, Vol.14, pp.768-78 26 September 2016 558
Ahmed, Gouher [with Amponsah, C.]. [2017 In Press]. "New Global Dimensions of Business Excellence". International Journal of Business Excellence. (ABDC Category) {Published by Inderscience}. 26 September 2016 403
Ahmed, Gouher. [2015]. "Entrepreneurial Factors in Brand Dubai" proceedings of International Business Conference on Advancing Management" Texas A & M University & Society for Advancement of Management, Las Vegas, USA. March 26-29. Vol. 103 25 September 2016 450

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