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Dr. Haitham Muhammad Musa Alzoubi is Associate Professor at the Skyline University College, UAE, where he has been in academic field since 2002. He holds PhD in Management. His research interests lie in the area of Operations Management, Quantitative management, supply chain management, Human resources and Information systems as well as e-supply chain management ranging from theory to design to implementation. In recent years, he has focused on better techniques for analyzing, artificial intelligence to support supply chain networks.

He has served on roughly fifteen research papers as well as conferences and academic committees besides, Haitham is the main author to seven books and he attended tens of training courses. Haitham has professional experience as Human resources consultant with big companies for the last six years.

  • Publications

     1.  Alzoubi, Haitham M. (2018). The Role of Intelligent Information System in E-Supply Chain Management Performance, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Thought, 07(02):363–370




  • Conferences

    1.  Vij, Mohit;  Upadhya, Amitabh; Vij, Anu; Kumar, Manoj (2019) ‘Exploring Residents’ Perceptions of Mega Event-Dubai Expo 2020: A Pre-Event Perspective’ Sustainability, 11, 1-17 (SCOPUS)
    1.   Gasaymeh, A.; Ahmed, Gouher; Mehmood, Tarek, and Al Zoubi, Haitham, (2019 in print) “Co-Integration Tests and the Long-Run Purchasing Power Parity: A Case Study of India and Pakistan”, Theoretical Economics Letters, 9 (4) ABDC – B



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