Perceptional Differences between parents and children regarding Children role in buying decision  

​This study on perceptional differences between parents and children regarding children role in buying decision in UAE is an attempt to fill the gaps in research in this area.

A large sample of 789 Indian expatriates' families were considered and responses of parents and children was collected on the perceptions of children role in buying. A chi square analysis has shown that no perceptional differences are observed among all the age groups of parents ranging from 20-50. Results of Parents in the age group of 50-60 show insignificant results to questions on Parent's perception of children role in decision making has increased, Children are more responsible and Independent, Children perceive social interactions influence change product mix, Young children are assertive in their choices of purchases and Boys and girls have freedom to choose their academic careers.  Middle aged parents have significant perceptions similar to children perceptions. This study promises further research in this area. 

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