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BBA Concentration in Public Administration


The UAE is a federation of seven Emirates with a Federal government overseeing certain key areas of government function that are representative of a nation state. The major functions that the Federal government discharges include External Affairs, Defense, National Security and Post and Telegraph besides a few others. The seat of the federal government is in the capital city of Abu Dhabi which is also the largest Emirate. Each Emirate has its own government mainly looking after law and order, municipal functions, industry and trade. All these functions are carried out through ministries and departments of the government both at the federal as well as the emirates level. Planning, Policy and implementation of government programs are the responsibility of these departments. In the present global scenario these government organizations function with high degree of efficiency and professionalism. 
To maximize the social welfare and optimization of resources, public administration activities are key elements wherein the efficiency of administrative service plays an important role. The human resources development is essential to provide effective service to the community. BBA with concentration in Public Administration focuses on training manpower for effective administration, urban management, formulating policy and implementation, managing environment and public sector activities. It also focuses on developing manpower for disaster management and E-Governance

PLG1 - Demonstrate knowledge and its application for business management

PLG2 - Develop skills to manage business effectively

PLG3 - Enhance competencies for effective decision making in business management

PLG4 - Embed values to manage and sustain businesses

PLG5 - Develop strategies to lead business towards success


Federal Government Organizations

Various Ministries in UAE

Government organizations in UAE

Foreign Diplomat

Typical Job Titles

Federal Government & Ministries

Public Affairs and Communications

Public Interest

Public Relations Consultant

Public Affairs Director

Non-Profit Organizations Budget and Fiscal Management

Law Enforcement Nonprofit Fundraising Nonprofit Management Consulting

Parks and Recreation Management

Urban Planning

City/County Management


Code Course Credits Prerequisite
General Education Courses
CIS1001Essentials of  IT3NONECore Course
ENG1001English3NONECore Course
ENG1102Business Communication3ENG1001Core Course
GEN1001Core Life Skills and Happiness3NONECore Course
GEN1002UAE Society3NONECore Course
GEN1003Critical Thinking and Problem Solving3NONECore Course
GEN2004General Science3NONECore Course
GEN2005 / GEN2006Basic Arabic / Advanced Arabic3NONECore Course
GEN2007Islamic Culture3NONECore Course
GEN2008Innovation Entrepreneurship and Sustainability3NONECore Course
MAT1001Business Mathematics3NONECore Course
MAT1102Business Statistics3MAT1001Core Course
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Financial Support

In 2022, 56% graduate students received financial support towards their tuition fees.

Financial Support Options:

Undergraduate Merit Scholarships

Youth Empowerment Scholarships

Tuition Discount for Sponsored Undergraduates




Prof. Haitham Muhammad Musa Alzoubi

Professor, Discipline Leader

Dr. Ramakrishna Yanamandra

Associate Professor, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Program)

Dr. Kakul Agha

Associate Professor, Discipline Leader

Dr. Rahul Sharma

Associate Professor, Discipline Leader

Dr. Jalal Rajeh Hanaysha

Associate Professor

Dr Amer Al Kassem

Associate Professor