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Prof. Mohammad Inairat


Professor, Vice Chancellor

Prof. In'airat received his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Master’s degree in Business Administration from Nagpur University, India, and his Doctor of Philosophy in Management from Keele University, United Kingdom.

Prof. (Dr.) Mohammad In’airat is the Vice-Chancellor and the Chair of Academic Affairs Council, and the Chair of External Advisory Board, among others of Skyline University College. In 2017, Prof. In’airat joined Skyline University College as an Associate Professor and Head of Academics for Business, then he appointed as Dean of the college before becoming the Vice Chancellor.

Before joining Skyline University College Prof. In’airat have worked in reputed institutions in different countries, he was a former Head of Business Administration Department at Prince Sultan College, Al Faisal University in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Former College Dean at Salalah College of Technology, in Sultanate of Oman and Assistant Dean for Administrative and Finance, at Al-Musanna College of Technology, also in Sultanate of Oman. Apart from his wide experience in the academia, Prof. In’airat also had a short stint in the private sector where he worked as Division Manager at Trans-Jordan Engineering Company in Jordan.

As an academician, Prof. In’airat’s forte is Financial Management, but he has a wide range of interests, including but not limited to Managerial Economics, Foreign Aid, Governance and Quality Assurance.
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