Student Services Department (SSD) develops, coordinates and provides comprehensive support services for the continual growth and development of the students. It coordinates with Academic and Academic Support Services departments of SUC to assist and provide all information and document requirements of the students as and when necessary. It facilitates in shaping the student to be a responsible professional through counseling, ensuring smooth academic progress of students in the programs.​

SSD also supports and promotes student centered environment by encouraging student-faculty interaction at regular intervals to solve various academic and career development issues. The department encourages graduating students to register themselves in the Alumni association and actively contribute in the developmental activities. 


A. Identity Cards
Students are issued with a SUC Identity card according to their admission status (Provisional / Confirmed). Students need to carry their Identity cards all the time while being in the SUC Campus. Identity cards will be checked randomly.

B. Admission Kit
Once the student's admission is confirmed, he/she is issued a 'Letter of Admission' & 'Invoice'. Students need to pay their SUC fees according to the Invoice issued.

C. Letters [Arabic / English]
Recommendation letter, Bonafide certificates Letters, Transcript, Provisional letter, Degree, Duplicate Certificate/transcript , Internship letter, Dissertation letter, Repeating course letter, conditional admission letter, No Objection letter, Accounts Statement for sponsors, Scholarship letter, DAC letter, Rewardship letter, Topper letter, appreciation letter, Deans List letter. 

D. Class Details
Details of the classes along with the students list will be displayed on the notice board on the first day of the class.

E. Schedules
Class schedules along with the class room number will be uploaded in student portal. The same will be displayed on the notice board as well. Assessment schedules along with the Mid Term & Final examination dates will be announced within 2 weeks from the start of the class and will be displayed on the SUC website & Student portal. No information on the above will be provided through Telephone. The 'How to access student portal' attachment will be handed over to the students during 1st week.

F. Portal ID
Every student is issued a portal ID and password through which they can access their class attendance, assessments and the results online. The academic profile, Academic Advisor and the events of the SUC can also be accessed through the portal.

G. Lockers
Lockers are where the students can keep their respective belongings and the keys will be issued to the students through the sports department. Students leaving the SUC due to cancellation, transfer to other institution or graduation are requested to return the key to the concerned person.

H. Lost and Found
Lost and found items will be kept in Administration Department; Students are encouraged to report of any missing items as soon as possible.

I. Mail Services
All the mails addressed to the students are kept in the Administration Department. Students are requested to check their respective mails weekly.

J. Parking [Campus]
Students who use their own transportation are requested to collect the car stickers from the Administration Department. Students are requested to park their car on their designated area without blocking other cars. Students are urged to drive slowly and cautiously when entering and leaving the premises. Students who wish to use the college transport are requested to register with the Finance Department.

K. SMS Services
The administration also provides SMS services to inform the students of any emergency needs that might arise.

L. Wireless Services
Wireless services are activated in the campus for accessing the internet services.

M. Online Services
Students can avail the online services for their various requests.

N. Mosque and Prayer Rooms
Prayer room including ablution is located in the First Floor for men and women separately.

O. Common Room
Common room is designated to students for the celebration of birthday or for conducting rehearsals for any upcoming events.

P. Plasma Electronic Display
A plasma monitor is placed in the campus premises for the updates about the campus activities.

Q. Bulletin Boards
Bulletin boards are available at Skyline SUC for posting informational notices. Student Counseling Office is responsible for updating the bulletin boards. Notices may only be displayed on designated bulletin boards and for a period of time. No notices may be posted on glass doors or building walls.

R. Help Desk
A friendly staff member is assigned to help new intake students to be of assistance with regards to the campus whereabouts.​

Students having their own transport are issued with an RFID card to avail the facility of parking the car inside the SUC campus at designated areas for students. Students should park their car on their designated area without blocking other cars. Students are urged to drive slowly and cautiously when entering and leaving the premises. 

Orientation to the new students is given jointly by the Dean, Head of Academics and Head of Student Affairs. Administration is responsible for coordinating this activity as per the schedule.
This orientation covers various aspects of their academic tenure and familiarizes them with the different institutional activities. 


SUC has an effective academic advising scheme that has helped the academic performance of students in the past. The objective of academic advising is to help students achieve a higher degree of academic performance through the processes of planning and development of their study, growth, and a career that would lead to a prosperous future, while they are studying in SUC.

SSD conducts meeting to recommend the eligible candidates for scholarship under various criteria. The various scholarship options provided by the University are need based scholarships, merit based scholarships, etc. SSD orients the students on the document required to apply for these scholarships.

The counseling process at Skyline University College includes addressing the student needs for academic and career development. SUC ensures to maintain confidentiality of the interactions with students and helps them resolve or cope with problems and developmental concerns.

SSD conducts the election of Class representatives from each class. SSD meets the Class Representatives twice in every semester and receive their feedback related to issues faced by students with different academic and academic support service units. SSD disseminates the feedback to different units and assists in resolving any issues. Head of Student Affairs will prepare the minutes of the meeting with response to their suggestions or requirements from different departments and send it back to CRs. 

Y. HOSTEL (Internal and External hostels ) & INTERNATIONAL​
Head of Sports meets the Hostel students regularly and reports any major disciplinary issues related to hostel and international students to Head of Student Affairs. HSA meets the Hostel student in case of any major issues reported by Head of Sports. In addition, HSA meets the Hostel and International Students along with the Head of Sports twice in every semester on the scheduled dates and interact with them to find out any issues faced by them. Head of Student Affairs in coordination with Administration regularly counsel the international students on their visa status, passport submission status, outstanding fee and academic progression.


Student Services Department registers the Alumni students at the time of filling the graduation form and also provides this facility through online registration. Further it coordinates with the Corporate Affairs Office and Events Committee to keep them updated about the events organized for the benefit of Alumni. 


The goals of the Student Services Department are as follows:

  1. To provide effective continuous orientations to new and continuing students
  2. To conduct counseling for progression of students in academics & academic support services
  3. To improve effectiveness of academic advisory  and mentorship
  4. To evaluate applications for need based Scholarship 
  5. To coordinate and address issues of Class Representatives, hostel and international students
  6. To process all  student requests within stipulated time
  7. To address all student grievances​.


  • What are the campus resources?

    Skyline campus is replete with the resources like: Class rooms with audio-visual equipment's, bulletin boards, computer labs, printing & photocopying center, portal services, cafeteria services, hostel, library, lockers, mail services, wireless services, gymnasium, multipurpose hall, SMS services, health services, new grounds [Cricket, Football & Basketball].
  • Which departments do you have in SUC?

    Academics, Administration, HRD, Library, Computing, Marketing & Registration, Corporate Affairs, Finance ,Sports, IR office, Media & Communication, ELC and CPD.
  • What is an academic year and what is the duration of a degree?

    SUC normally operates summer, Fall and Spring semesters in an academic year.
  • What will be my period of study and maximum number of credits that I can attempt?

    Students enrolled for a BBA Program shall complete within a maximum of 6 years by earning 120 credits. Student can earn 120 credits in four years in normal case or by attempting maximum of 180 credits. In case of accelerated Program, the student can complete the BBA program within a maximum of 3 years by earning 120 credits. Students enrolled for a MBA Program shall complete a maximum of 36 credit in 18 months' time and maximum credit a student can appear for graduating is 54 credits within a maximum duration of 27 months.
  • How can I apply for scholarship?

    Current Students can apply for need based. Need based scholarships are awarded to continuing students, who are from educationally, socially disadvantaged backgrounds.  An applicant must show financial need and must produce adequate and supporting evidence to claim the same.
  • What is graduation requirement?

    A student will be awarded the Bachelor Degree after fulfilling the following conditions:

    • A number of credit hours as specified in the major field of study [120 credit hours]
    • Achievement of CGPA not less than 2.00
    • 2.00 CGPA in the chosen field of major
    • GPA of 2.00 in each Capstone course
    • Recommended for graduation by the College Faculty and Administration

    A student will be awarded the Master Degree after fulfilling the following conditions:

    • A number of credit hours as specified in the Emphasis field of study [36 credit hours]
    • Achievement of CGPA not less than 3.00
    • 3.00 CGPA in the chosen field of Emphasis
    • PA of 3.00 in each Capstone course
    • Recommended for graduation by the College Faculty and Administration
  • What is graduation honors?

    Upon meeting Bachelor of Business Administration degree graduation requirements, those students who have exhibited academic excellence will be awarded the designations to indicate that they have graduated with honors.  To be eligible for these honors, a student must have a cumulative grade point average on credits earned at Skyline College according to the following: 


    • Cum Laude - An average of 3.5 or higher
    • Magna Cum Laude - An average of 3.7 or higher
    • Summa Cum Laude - An average of 3.9 or higher


    • Cum Laude - An average of 3.7 to 3.79
    • Magna Cum Laude - An average of 3.8 to 3.89
    • Summa Cum Laude - An average of 3.9 or higher



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