As per the fee schedule published, the students are required to comply and adhere to the following terms and conditions: 
1. Fees shall be paid at the time and in the manner specified in the payment plan. 
2. Students who fail to make payment of tuition fees within the first ten days will be charged AED 10/- per day from the eleventh day of the due month till the payment is received. Student whose fees are outstanding for one month will have their portal services blocked and will be activated only on clearing their dues. Student having two months outstanding will be deactivated and if the fees are not cleared before the final examination, student will be withdrawn from the semester. Students having tuition fee due will have their academic record withheld and would not be allowed to proceed the semester as well as not to register for the next semester. 
3. As a last resort, a notice of termination for non-payment of fees will be sent to the student. The notice will specify the amount of the debt and the date at which the termination becomes effective. The student may have the choice of re-admittance provided the entire dues to the SUC is paid; SUC has the right to impose a re-registration fees which will be payable in a manner specified by SUC at that time. A re-registration fees of AED 1,500/- will be applicable in order to reactivate the student. 
4. On the termination of a student's enrolment under the provision of these regulations, an admission cancellation form shall be completed by the Students Service Department and forwarded to the Finance and Administration Department for further action. 

Terms and conditions for students paying fees through cheques/credit cards:
Students are permitted to pay fees either by way of Cash, Cheques or Credit Cards. Students who wish to pay their fees with cheques have to make sure they adhere to the following terms and conditions. 
a. All cheques should be made payable to “Skyline University College LLC” and the date mentioned on the cheques should not be latter than the 10th of the month. Any exception should be ratified by the concerned official. 
b. Students should ensure that there are no errors or overwriting in the cheques and proper authorized signatures are there for every correction made in the cheques. 
c. Students should ensure that cheques given should contain the new security feature as per the mandate of Central Bank of UAE. 
d. Students should ensure that they procure a receipt for every transaction and the contents should be checked before leaving the counter. 
e. Each student should ensure the honoring of their cheques as the state laws ensures maximum penalty for cheques which are returned unpaid. In the event of a cheque being dishonored the student will be penalized with a cheque return charge of AED 500/- and further acceptance of cheques from the student will be denied.



The refund policy applicable for CCL will be as follows:

If full fees paid before the start of course 10% of the total fees will be deducted and the balance amt will be refunded No refund
If part payment done before start of course 10% of the total fees will be deducted and the balance amt will be refunded No refund


    Particulars   AY 17-18
Re-examination fees
Reexamination fees [SUC Internal Courses] 50
Re-examination fees - IATA /CTH Courses 250
Mitigation Re-exam fees [SUC Internal Courses] 250
Revaluation fees 100
Miscellaneous Fees
Letters from Skyline (Within 24 hours) 60
Urgent Letters (Within the session) 125
CDD 300
CDD ( Within 24 hours) 350
Transcript 200
Transcript (Urgent) 250
SUC attestation - local 25
Resource Utility Fees - Alumni / Outsiders 1,000
Annual Membership Fees - Alumni / Outsiders 500
Hostel fees - Boys / Girls 1,450
Hostel fee Deposit [Internal] 1,000
Hostel fees - Deposit [SUC Hostel] 500
Visa Fees
Visa Fees - (1 Year Residence / Health Card) 
on the discretion of SUC
Visa Renewal Fees (including Health Card for 1 year) 
subject to change as per Govt. regulations
Miscellaneous Fees - CTH
Duplicate Certificate (GBP 25/-) 175
Reexamination fees (GBP 30/-) 210
Individual Module Certificate (GBP 15/-) 105
Miscellaneous Fees - IATA
Letter of Attestation (USD 100/-) 400
Duplicate Diploma Fees (USD 100/-) 400
Change of Country fees (USD 100/-) 400
Duplicate - (Certificates / Mark sheet)
Certificates - [SUC Internal Courses] 350
Certificates – IATA 500
Transcript [SUC Internal Courses] 150
ID Cards 100
Delay in book return - Per Day 1
Dishonor of Cheques 500
Parking Fine / Speeding Fine 200
Smoking 50​

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