Leadership during Post COVID-19: New Path to be created and treaded

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Leadership is a much needed and cherished role that only a few fit into. Managers come in several shapes and sizes but leaders are curated with special traits, exceptional talent and noticeable charisma.

COVID-19 era has shaken the world and coerced us to understand the value of “standing out in the crowd” instead of following the herd. Leadership is all about being ahead of the herd and letting the herd follow you! No one can acquire all leadership skills without practicing them and therefore prominent researchers inform leaders to “practice what they preach” and “walk the talk”. Jeff Bezos is one of those leaders who has benefitted the most during the pandemic due to his forward looking attitude, risk taking abilities and charismatic personality. He has not left any stone unturned in the path of success. 

Leadership in local organization is not quite different from global multinational firms. After the shock of the pandemic, leaders are more result oriented and maintain keen focus on outward contribution. So it is not that they enter and exit the workplace on time but rather how effective, efficient and productive they are during the day really matters to the success of their organization as well as themselves as leaders. Leaders tend to build on their strengths more than anything else and work around their weaknesses too. As Elon Musk is moving swiftly with electric cars, we discover his passion to build all vehicles as electric vehicles in the future. He is a transformational leader and tends to be visionary, risk-taking, innovative and market focused.

Successful leaders tend to be very mindful of their time and they keep a good track of how they spend it. Every minute matters! They keep a vigil on how to spend it but that doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy or chill in their life. Needless to say that they prioritize it well. In one of his interviews, Steve Jobs had mentioned about the value of time and how meaningful it is to understand its worth. Additionally, world leaders concentrate on few prioritized areas and achieve organizational targets so as to move the organization to the next notch. In fact, insightful decision making using systematic approaches is another key trait of good leaders. In an interesting article on the leadership style of Jeff Bezos, it states that acting swiftly is another important principles of Jeff Bezos leadership style. He doesn’t waste a lot of time in thinking and wasting the opportunity, rather prefers to be quick in action. The Amazon Leadership Principles is an amazing document and should be referred to by other world leaders. Leadership is about being predictive about a volatile and chaotic future as well as the ability to understand his own people, processes and resources. So, a global issue like the pandemic has really etched new needs and wants for people, processes, policies and procedures in this world and compelled the leaders to invest in the right approach of managing people effectively. Leaders of today are different as they understand the evolving demands and are ready to bring about changes in their leadership to bring more success to their organization. It is about creating and treading on new paths!


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