Mathematics and Decision Making

Decisions shape our lives. Mathematics rationalizes the shifting of information and the balancing of alternatives inherent in any decision. Mathematical models underlie computer programs that support decisi...

Public – Private Partnership (PPP) towards UAE Healthcare Reforms

Public-private partnership (PPP) is a legal agreement between public and private sectors by sharing its assets and skills in delivering quality facilities and services to the people. PPP is becoming like a fad, however, it is a long-term process. It entails a broader capacity of understanding between the public and private entities that requires...

Encouraging UAE Students to Volunteer

  Volunteering for social organizations is an increasing trend among students all over the world. Smith et al (2010) conceptualized student volunteering as “outward-looking, focusing on students volunteering within their local communities.” What motivates students to volunteer is the opportunity to gain work experience and skills ne...

Using Learning Stations as a Teaching Tool

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of syllabus that we, as faculty, need to work through during the semester. Inevitably, there are sections that even we struggle to find interesting. It can become hard to motivate students when we are teaching such sections. I’ve found that learning stations work well for me in such cases....

Lending technologies for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Written by: Mohammad Ali Elabed & Abdullah Ali Elabed Lending technologies can be distinguished based on many different dimensions such as structure of the loan contracts, screening and underwriting policies or procedures, monitoring strategies and mechanisms, and the primary source of information. ...

Ways to Grow With Minimum Environmental Hazard

To grow is a basic human instinct. Civilizations across the globe and across the time have celebrated growth and people responsible for growth have always been admired and respected and others have been advised to get inspired by these examples. Nations from every corner of the world have made policies, provided incentives and have taken steps to f...

Thinks before you act –“Analytical approach for Marketers in the distributor’s change over”

Almost every marketing strategies revolve around 4Ps or 7Ps.It’s also been supposed that all Ps are usually controllable factors, were in PESTL (Political, Economical, Social, Technological, and Legal) are uncontrollable factors. It’s time to review on the academic scholarship, particularly in context to create awareness to the Marke...

Nine Roles of Strategic Leadership

Article Written by Eman Ali Ahli, MBA Student The transition from the operational level to the strategic lev...


  By: Mr. Haftamu Menker Gebre Yohannes Instructor of Mathematics Skyline University College, Sharjah College, UAE ...



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