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ACCA is a globally renowned accounting body with an excellent reputation. ACCA qualification is an ideal option for students looking to pursue a career in finance or accounting as it is currently recognized in more than 180 countries around the globe. However, many students get confused when it comes to estimating the total cost of completing ACCA qualification. 
In this article, I will try to explain different fee and charges which you are required to bear during your ACCA studies. 
First of all, it is important to keep in mind that ACCA qualification is not like university degrees where you are supposed to pay a lumpsum amount to your university every semester/year for a fixed period of time and that amount normally covers all the charges including registration, coaching and exam fee. But, in ACCA you have to pay different fee payments at different times and having an idea about their amount and time of payment is highly important in estimating total cost of your ACCA studies.
The fee payments you have to make during your ACCA can be grouped into two major categories:
Fee payable to ACCA:
Every student is required to pay these dues to ACCA irrespective of their academic background or institute. A student is required to pay three types of fee to ACCA.
Initial registration:  Every student joining ACCA is required to pay initial registration fee. Currently this fee is £ 89. This fee must be paid before registering for your first ACCA exam.
Exam fee: whenever you want to sit for an ACCA exam, you are required to register for that exam by paying an exam fee. This fee varies depending upon the exam(s) you want to give and by when and how you want to appear for these exams.
Currently exam fee for ACCA students in UAE are as follows:
Knowledge level exams £ 86 per exam*
Skills level exams £ 132 per exam
Professional level exams £ 240 per exam
*Some students prefer to sit for knowledge level exams at their respective institutes, in that case exam fee for these papers will be payable as per the amount set by institute. Normally it ranges between AED 600 to 800.
Annual subscription: In addition to initial registration and exam fee, every ACCA student is required to pay an annual subscription fee. Annual subscription fee for 2023 for ACCA students in UAE is £ 122.
Under exceptional circumstances students may be required to pay some other charges e.g. re registration fee, exemptions fee etc. As these charges only apply rarely, therefore not included here. 
You can visit the below link to have up to date information about ACCA fee and charges. 
Fee payable to your institute:
In addition to making various payments to ACCA, you are also required to pay the charges to your ACCA tuition provider if you choose to study your ACCA through some institution. The amount of these charges will vary from institute to institute, however an estimate is given below.
Admission fee: Every institute charges a one-time admission fee initially. In UAE, this fee may range from AED 500 to AED 1,000. 
Coaching fee:
The most expensive part of your total ACCA qualification fee is the coaching fee you are required to pay to your tuition provider. This cost varies a lot from institute to institute and paper to paper. However, the average fee range is given below for your reference:
Knowledge level AED 1,500 to AED 2,500 
Skills level AED 2,000 to AED 3,000
Professional level AED 2,500 to AED 4,000
Study materials:
Although at some institutes the coaching fee may include the cost of study materials, you will be required to purchases your study materials yourself mostly. Study materials which normally includes your study text and exam kit normally cost around AED 250 to AED 300 per paper in UAE. 
It is evident from the above discussion that an exact estimate of total cost of completing your ACCA qualification can not be made as you are required to pay different charges which vary depending upon the paper(s) you are studying and the institute of your choice. However, roughly speaking you can expect to complete your ACCA qualification within approximately AED 30,000 to AED 35,000. Therefore, having a knowledge about different types of fee you are required to pay during your ACCA and selecting your tuition provider wisely is highly important. 
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Author: Muhammad Shoaib
ACCA Senior instructor
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