Comb jellies were the earliest animals: Study

​New York, April 11 (IANS) The delicate marine predators called comb jellies were the earliest animals -- not sponges as had long been thought, claims a new genetic analysis.One of the longest-running controversies in evolutionary biology has been: 'What was the oldest branch of the animal family tree? Was it the ...

Your kid may be noticing things that you miss

New York, April 11 (IANS) Although children are thought of being deficient in many skills when compared to adults, a new study has shown that this limitation in kids can actually be their strength as they can see what adults tend to miss."We often think of children as deficient in many skills when compared to adults...

Acquire life skills for good health in old age

London, April 11 (IANS) People with higher scores on life skills -- such as emotional stability, determination, control, optimism and conscientiousness -- are more likely to experience a broad range of health benefits and positive social outcomes in their old age, a study suggests.The findings showed that people who...

New anaesthesia technique saves patient with obstructed airway

Sydney, April 10 (IANS) A pioneering anaesthesia technique that makes surgery safer for patients with obstructed airways has helped save at least one life already, doctors in Australia said on Monday."An adult patient with an infected epiglottis was in danger of having his airway blocked by rapid swelling, and this ...

Imagine being in wintry setting for better cognitive control

New York, April 10 (IANS) Just by looking at images of winter scenery and imagining yourself in such a setting can help you have increased cognitive control, say researchers.Cognitive control is the ability to deliberately inhibit responses or make choices that maximise the long-term best interests of the individual...

Protein that enhances vaccine efficacy identified

​New York, April 8 (IANS) Researchers have discovered a protein that could help make vaccinations more effective and also provide protection from other diseases such as cancer.The researchers purified a protein found on the exterior of bacteria (neisseria meningidis) and used it as an accessory to provide a better...

NASA set to launch giant balloon in search for cosmic rays

​Washington, April 7 (IANS) NASA is preparing to launch on Saturday a super-pressure balloon about the size of a football stadium to carry a pioneering telescope designed to detect ultra-high-energy cosmic rays from near space.The super pressure balloon (SPB) test flight is set to be launched from Wanaka Airport i...

Dog may help protect kids from allergies, obesity

Toronto, April 7 (IANS) Having a furry friend at home may lead to reduced risk of allergy and obesity in children, suggests a new research.Babies from families with pets -- usually dogs -- showed higher levels of two types of microbes associated with lower risks of allergic disease and obesity, according to the stud...

This gene may explain why you are a night owl

New York, April 7 (IANS) Are you a night owl and have trouble getting up in the morning? It may be because your internal clock is genetically programmed to run slowly, researchers have found.The findings showed that a mutation in a gene called CRY1 alters the human circadian clock, which dictates rhythmic behaviour ...

Olive oil can decrease cardio vascular diseases

New Delhi, April 7 (IANS) As heart attacks continue to kill one person in every 33 seconds in India, health experts on Friday said that olive oil can help in decreasing cardio vascular diseases.Olive oil is rich in MUFA or mono unsaturated fatty acids which helps in improving glycemic control and plasma lipid contro...



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