Insulin resistance may cause faster cognitive decline

New York, March 22 (IANS) Insulin resistance, caused in part by obesity and physical inactivity, is also linked to a more rapid decline in cognitive performance, researchers say.Insulin resistance is a condition in which cells fail to respond normally to the hormone insulin. The resistance prevents muscle, fat, and ...

NASA prepares 'futuristic' clock for space

​Washington, March 22 (IANS) In a key advance for safely navigating future human exploration of the solar system, NASA said it is set to send its next-generation atomic clock to space in late 2017.This clock will be smaller, lighter and magnitudes more precise than any atomic clock flown in space before, NASA said...

600 mn kids will face extreme water shortage by 2040

United Nations, March 22 (IANS) Nearly 600 million children, one in four worldwide, will live in areas with extremely limited water resources by 2040, according to a UN report.The report was released late Tuesday by the UN International Children's Emergency Fund (Unicef), Efe news reported on Wednesday.U...

Mars' volcano, Earth's dinosaurs went extinct same time

​Washington, March 21 (IANS) The last volcanic activity on the Red Planet ceased about 50 million years ago -- around the time when our planet's plant and animal species, including dinosaurs, went extinct, reveals new research.The giant Martian shield volcano Arsia Mons produced one new lava flow at its summit eve...

Wild chimpanzees have long life spans: Study

​New York, March 21 (IANS) Chimpanzees living in the wild -- with favourable ecological factors, abundant supply of high-energy and nutritious foods and low predation levels -- can have long life spans, a study has found."Our findings show how ecological factors, including variation in food supplies and predation ...

Record-breaking heat continues in 2017: Report

​London, March 21 (IANS) The record-breaking heat that made 2016 the hottest year recorded so far has continued into 2017, pushing the world into "truly uncharted territory", according to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).The WMO's assessment of the climate in 2016, published on Tuesday, reports unpreced...

No dilating required with this pocket-sized retina camera

​New York, March 21 (IANS) A team of researchers has developed a cheap, portable camera that can photograph the retina without the need for pupil-dilating eye drops.Made out of simple parts mostly available online, the camera's total cost is about $185."As residents seeing patients in the hospital, the...

New hope for cancer care as Bengaluru lab cracks tricky biopsy

Mumbai, March 19 (IANS) In a development that could transform the management of cancer patients, a Bengaluru-based laboratory has claimed to have cracked the difficulties related to tracing malignant cells and avoid repeated biopsies.Doctors often are forced to conduct repeated biopsy tests to detect certain types o...

Your high BP might just be a case of misdiagnosis

​Toronto, March 20 (IANS) Nearly 20 per cent of people receiving treatment for hypertension do not actually have a problem, but they are often misdiagnosed as a result of doctors using manual devices to measure blood pressure, a study has showed."About 20 per cent of people receiving treatment for hypertension don...

Carbs in evening may impact prediabetic men

​London, March 20 (IANS) Middle-aged men with high body mass index (BMI) and prediabetes condition cannot process carbohydrate-rich foods in the evening, as it may have a negative effect on their blood glucose regulation, a study has showed.The findings showed that the internal clock influences how people with imp...



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